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Crazy Diamond

The Pink Floyd – Tribute Band

Majestic compositions, profound lyrics, magical sounds. Pink Floyd created an oeuvre that endures to this day. Even if the group was never a hit factory, the catchy melodies of Money, Another Brick in the Wall or Wish You Were Here are omnipresent.


The foundation for this was laid more than 50 years ago. Some of the original members are dead, others still perform as solo artists at best. CRAZY DIAMOND pay homage to their role model and really let it rip. The Swiss musicians know how to give the songs that certain something extra without losing the common thread: a hint of their own ideas here, a few stronger riffs there than you're used to on the original albums.


If you ever missed seeing Pink Floyd live, if you like to relive the old days, you should definitely not miss CRAZY DIAMOND's performance.


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