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The Motörhead Tribute

KILMISTER, the Swiss Motörhead Tribute Band, founded in 2014, sets the level for an international prestigious tribute band to its highest level. Three maniacs with decades of national and international musical experiences and their huge passion for MOTÖRHEAD, celebrate visually and musically, 40 fucking years of MOTÖRHEAD!

KILMISTER presents the closest authentic MOTÖRHEAD Tribute Show possible. Walls of Marshall amps, the "Murder One" amp and the carved Rickenbacker bass guitar, Phil Campbell´s LAG Explorer guitar and a giant doublebass drumkit. In its entirety, the rough voice of Thin Lem and the jaw-dropping stage performance by J.P. and Steve, combined with 40 years of musical history, THIS is how a Tribute Band show should look and sound!! A must see for every MOTÖRHEAD maniac: the Swiss All-Star-MOTÖRHEAD Tribute Band with former members of Celtic Frost, audioLegend and Nö Mercy. Thin Lem (ex Nö Mercy), Steve Gasser (ex Celtic Frost) and J.P. Reinhardt (ex audioLegend, ex Fun Gögh).

We are Kilmister - and we play rock`n`roll !


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