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NUROPE- Not just another countdown!
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From wild 80's hair metal stadium anthems to dark melodic songs of the post-millenium comeback to 70's style hard rock numbers of the current albums: The Europe tribute formation "NUROPE" around Dominik Pfister (ex- Shakra) does the whole time travel and promises a thrilling and versatile live experience!
Besides world hits like "Final Countdown" or "Superstitious" there are also neo-classics like "Start from the Dark" or "Last Look at Eden" on the setlist.
The crystal clear and explosive voice of Joey Tempest is an important trademark of Europe, which Andreas Lareida brings very convincingly on stage with his distinctive rock tube at NUROPE! The guitars in the story of Europe are like two hearts in one chest, which could not be more opposite - on one side the bluesy-emotional side of John Norum, on the other side the technical-melodic side of Kee Marcello: Dominik Pfister is at home in both worlds and brings it under one hat! The authentic keyboard sounds of Mic Michaeli are in good hands with Thomas Gerber and come along convincingly in the 21st century, while Patrik Pfister and Daniel Brand weld the band together in the style of the Europe rhythm section with Ian Haugland and John Levén!
Vocals: Andreas Lareida
Guitar: Dominik Pfister
Keyboards: Thomas Gerber
Bass: Daniel Brand
Drums: Patrik Pfister


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